When installed inside a dwelling the geyser valves must be attached to a beam with the fastener provided. Hot and cold water must be supplied at equal pressure to mixers and appliances. This is achieved by supplying a dwelling with cold water that is T’ed off after the pressure control valve and not before.

A drip tray is required to be installed. All components, including the pressure control valve, are to be installed above the drip tray. Due to expansion of water during the heating cycle the relief valve will release excess pressure. Normal overflow is between 2 to 4 litres per day.

The expansion overflow pipe is to be secured and insulated to guard against movement and freezing. Expansion valve overflow is to be piped to the exterior of the building and piped at a decline. Carefull consideration should be given to its positioning. Hot water has safety implications and excess overflow can cause damage to property.

Vacuum breakers are to be installed as per diagram.