HYPAflo Pressure Control Valve

Product Range
400 kPa 22mm CXC
600 kPa 22mm CXC
400 kPa 15mm CXC
600 kPa 15mm CXC

Advanced Valves HYPAflo 400 and HYPAflo 600 Pressure Control Valve are the fastest flowing PRVs on the market according to our testing.

The new HYPAflo geyser Pressure Control Valve has a patented freeze elimination device. The PCV is moulded in WRAS approved metal replacement polymer with 15 and 22mm DZR compression fittings.

Sonically welded in compression fittings add a new level of reliability and aesthetics, and using advanced mould-making techniques, has allowed the ball valve body to be integrated into the main body.


HYPAflo 400 22mm

HYPAflo 600 22mm

How to service the control cartridge of HYPAflo PCV

How to service the relief side of HYPAflo PCV