Pressure Control Valves – Brand New on the Market

HYPAflo-400 and HYPAflo-600 Brand new on the market and launching early November 2021, is Advanced Valves’ AD-HYPAflo 400 and AD-Hypaflo 600 Pressure Control Valves.  Advanced Valves was established in 2014, and in the seven years since their inception, they have led the market using a metal replacement polymer for their pressure control valves. Through continuous development,Continue reading “Pressure Control Valves – Brand New on the Market”

Geyser Valves: How to install correctly

When installed inside a dwelling the geyser valves must be attached to a beam with the fastener provided. Hot and cold water must be supplied at equal pressure to mixers and appliances. This is achieved by supplying a dwelling with cold water that is T’ed off after the pressure control valve and not before. AContinue reading “Geyser Valves: How to install correctly”

AV Pressure Control Valve – New Generation

A pressure control valve (PCV) is a type of safety valve used to control or balance the water pressure of the hot and cold water supply to baths, showers and basins. It reduces the pressure from the incoming cold water supply to the same pressure of the hot water coming from the geyser.  Advanced Valves’Continue reading “AV Pressure Control Valve – New Generation”