That is a Plumbing Fine Filter

A plumbing fine filter captures and removes impurities from your water supply, be it either municipal or bore hole water. Corroded plumbing pipes deposit crumbs of rust affecting the purity of your water. Silt from municipal water main pipe repairs can also end up in your house’s plumbing system. This build up of grit can cause reduction in your plumbing efficiency by blocking valves and taps.  It can also cause damage to household appliances. Sediment also prevents filtration systems like reverse osmosis and ultraviolet purification from operating efficiently. A sediment filter is the first line of defence against debris build up and damage to your plumbing supplies.

Why the AD Fine Filter

Advanced Valves Fine Filter stops debris that can be caught by its micron-rated capacity from entering your plumbing system.  It is proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa. It is SANS approved. The body is moulded in WRAS approved metal replacement polymer. It has a Flow Rate 37,3L/m at 400kPa. A meter head Loss of 24,5m. It has a Filter area of 1440mm squared, and uses a Stainless Steel Filter: 0,077mm.

An AD-FF Fine Filter will help keep your water clean and clear, and should be an integral component of any water filtration process

How does an AD Fine Filter work

The Advanced Valve Fine Filter uses a fine stainless steel mesh ( 0,077micron) and a Cyclonic spin down/centrifugal force to eliminate deposits in the water. Water enters the top of an AD-FF fine filter and is diverted into the clear chamber where the water is spun around. The heavier grit is flung to the outside of the housing by centrifugal force before settling at the bottom of the chamber. Using a mesh screen, particles anywhere from 100-15 microns is further separated from the water.

AD-FF plumbing fine filter does not require disposable cartridges. When the stainless steel mesh filter becomes full of sediment, the debris can be flushed out of the filter by closing off the supply using the integral shutoff ball valve and then unscrewing the clear cap and removing the mesh filter in order to flush it clean.