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Valveco H20 started in 1994 as a reconditioning Brass Geyser Valve business. These units are still sold and branded as K-400, M-400 & Fast-400.

With this knowledge and experience in manufacturing, the development of the Advanced Valve became a logical progression in product offer to the market. The new generation valve has a WRAS approved Metal Replacement Polymer body.

Advanced Valve products: Vacuum Breakers (AD-VB), Safety Valves (AD-TP) and Drain Cocks (AD-DR) all have permit to apply the SABS mark. Pressure Control Valves (HYPAflo 400 and HYPAflo 600) are SAPCS approved. 


A trusted leader in the manufacture of geyser ancillary products in South Africa. Delivering excellent quality and the most affordable plumbing products on the market.

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Proudly South African
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