Pressure Control Valves – Brand New on the Market

HYPAflo-400 and HYPAflo-600 Brand new on the market and launched early 2022, is Advanced Valves’ AD-HYPAflo 400 and AD-Hypaflo 600 Pressure Control Valves.  Advanced Valves was established in 2014, and in the seven years since their inception, they have led the market using a metal replacement polymer for their pressure control valves. Through continuous development, AdvancedContinue reading “Pressure Control Valves – Brand New on the Market”

Geyser Valves: How to install correctly

When installed inside a dwelling the geyser valves must be attached to a beam with the fastener provided. Hot and cold water must be supplied at equal pressure to mixers and appliances. This is achieved by supplying a dwelling with cold water that is T’ed off after the pressure control valve and not before. AContinue reading “Geyser Valves: How to install correctly”